Stakeholders: Tom Gillespie

Leaders: Nathaniel Park and Michelle Lee

Members: Dalia Assoum, Hanan Abels-Sullivan,                                                 Markus Min, Rachel Davidson




This year’s Biodiversity Action Research Team is looking at Sage Hill on the UCLA campus. We are researching a proof of concept for best methods of restoration. Our project will look at the way certain assemblages of native flora will affect abiotic environment and invertebrate diversity. Ultimately, our team’s goal on Sage Hill is to create a space on the UCLA campus that includes the entire community in restoration, provides students a place for research and learning, and celebrates native California flora and fauna.




Stakeholder: Moises Roman

Leaders: Sagarika Subramanian and Stephanie Ng

Members: June Tran, Lauren Yang, Manali McCarthy





The Daycare Team is working with the Krieger Center, a child care center on UCLA’s campus, to improve sustainability at the facility. It serves the 165 children of UCLA faculty, staff, and students. With a STEM-based curriculum, the Krieger Center hopes to effect long-term change in the children’s lifestyle and create the next generation of sustainable citizens. We will be focusing on implementing a recycling program and switching to more environmentally friendly diapers, wipes, and cleaning products.




Stakeholder: Todd Lynch

Leaders: Carolina Villacis and Rachael Lee

Members: Kaylyn Levine, Keara Tuso, Leah Lippman






Our team is approaching the Green Buildings sector of sustainability practices in an alternative way, by maximizing use of spaces already existing on UCLA campus and thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary construction. To do so, we are currently working on two projects. The first project is to repurpose an underused space that will both attract students to occupy it and promote sustainability through elements such as garden planters and recycled furnishings. The second project is to produce a comprehensive, user-friendly webpage for students to have better access to and awareness of the available spaces on campus. Through these projects, we hope to allow students to recognize the sustainability inherent to purposefully utilizing what is already available to us.




Stakeholder: Teresa Hildebrand

Leaders: Alessandro Lallas and Jennifer Adachi

Members: Ileana Callejas, Kiana Chan, Marjon Juybari







This year’s Hospital Action Research Team is excited to be working with the Sustainability Programs Manager of UCLA Health, Teresa Hildebrand, on a research project to update and implement an interactive module to educate staff about hospital sustainability. We hope to provide environmental information and resources to the module-users and to increase the effectiveness and distribution of the module.




Stakeholder: Emma Sorrell

Leaders: Jessie Chen and Mochi Li

Members: Bryce Lee, Chris Hunter, Pamela Lim






The current UC procurement guidelines are vague with respect to sustainability, which is not conducive to sustainable purchasing. We intend to evaluate current procurement practices in the UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services and research sustainable office supplies that are available through the BruinBuy system. We will then make recommendations to UCLA H&HS in order to maximize the use of sustainable products on the Hill. Additionally, we hope to implement an educational outreach program to inform Housing staff on the importance of sustainable purchasing.




Stakeholder: Katie Zeller

Leaders: Danna Creager and Max Barnes

Members: Alyssa Worsham, Elizabeth Brickley, Eric Witiw






Our team plans on testing the indoor air quality in various rooms. We specifically are going to compare Yates Gym, which recently has been equipped with an air purification system, to other rooms that are only affected by air handlers. Another aspect we are looking into involves testing the overnight vampire load (standby power) of electric machines such as treadmills. We also are going to continue the research from last year’s Recreation team on lighting protocol by utilizing SLEAC to standardize lighting protocol. Our team is also looking into a few other potential sustainability improvement projects, such as waste reduction.




Stakeholder: Nurit Katz

Leaders: Adam Gushansky and Austin Park

Members: Kathleen Knight, George Yang, William Chen






Our work will have two components. The first is an assessment of UCLA’s current resilience, which will be measured relative to the Rockefeller Institute’s resilience framework. To produce a cohesive report, our team will identify notable faculty, staff, and students who play a key role in UCLA’s resiliency and get them to the bargaining table. After finishing the assessment, we will provide recommendations for the future. The second component is a stormwater capture project intended to supplement LADWP’s supply, prevent runoff damages, and provide an emergency water supply. We intend to retrofit UCLA’s Boelter Hall to collect stormwater and repurpose it for different uses, such as irrigation.