Stakeholder:  Cully Nordby, Academic Director, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Leaders:  Anjana Amirapu, Alex Caryotakis
Members:  Trevor McDonald, Daniel Noakes, Jennifer Truong

ART On ART is the first-ever auditing team, responsible for reviewing previous teams' results and gaining insights to improve future teams! We are identifying past teams' research methodologies, metrics, and goals in order to evaluate their efficacy.



Stakeholder:  Sayros Yadgar, Energy Engineer, Facilities Management
Leaders:  Natalie Shahbol, Amy Tat
Members:  Anne Cheng, Kenyon Chow, Katie Vinh Luong

Team Energy is working to raise awareness about energy usage, by creating a culture of stair-taking that will benefit the environment, public health, and UCLA's bank. Burn calories, not electricity!

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 1.48.27 PM.jpg


Stakeholder:  Nurit Katz, Chief Sustainability Officer; Mark Gold, Associate Director, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Leaders: Franz Anunciacion, Maya Bruguera
Members:  Lauren Cheesman, Sarah Chiang, Danielle Griffin

In April of 2013, President Obama called on public and private organizations to join him in taking on “ambitious yet achievable” goals to solve society’s biggest issues through scientific and technological ingenuity, a undertaking which he described as the 21st Century Grand Challenges. Prompted by this national initiative, in October of 2013, UCLA launched the first of six UCLA Grand Challenges with a motto of “a social movement for the greater good”.  

The first of these challenges is titled "Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles" (THLA), aimed at achieving 100% sustainability in the Los Angeles region by 2050.  This is the first year of the ART Grand Challenge Team. Our team’s primary goals for the year are to figure out how research being done by professors at UCLA can be applied to achieving the THLA Grand Challenge, and how opportunities can be created for students to become involved in this research. We are interviewing professors who are conducting research in the fields of water and energy, and creating a database with information on how this research can be applied in "living labs" to create a fully sustainable campus.    




Stakeholder:  Todd Lynch, Principal Project Planner, UCLA Capital Programs
Leaders:  Claire Hirashiki, Danh Lai
Members:  Justin Brandt, Elizabeth Roswell, Alexandra Stream

The Green Buildings Team is working to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certify all the residential buildings on campus, and more buildings in the future. In order to do so, they are collecting LEED credits for energy, water, waste, indoor air, site purchasing and green cleaning — an extensive task!




Stakeholder:  Teresa Hildebrand, Sustainability Programs Manager, UCLA Health System
Leaders: Steve Flores, David Mun
Members: Kyle Hess, Priya Macwan, Austin Park

The Hospital Sustainability Team is focusing efforts on three main sustainability projects for the UCLA Health System: assessing the sustainability of the food system, assisting with the Earth Day Fair at Ronald Reagan Medical Center (RRMC), and improving educational initiatives through an online module for new hospital hires.




Stakeholder:  Jesse Escobar, Recycling Coordinator
Leaders: Kelsey Davis, Jenna Hoover 
Members:  Ji Yeon Joo, Michelle Lee, Sara Vetters

The Recycling Team is auditing waste on campus and consequently, making recommendations for the campus’ recycling program. These include: optimal bin placement, new types of bins that should be introduced (e.g. compost bins for specific products like pizza boxes), and specific signage that can be added to the bins to increase recycling rates.

sustainable foods.jpg



Stakeholder:  Aliana Lungo-Shapiro, Sustainability Manager, Housing & Hospitality Services
Leaders:  Maddy Routon, Joseph Martinus Sanchez
Members:  Hannah Doan, Katie Pastor, Gabrielle Ruxin, Alice Wong

The SFS team is measuring food waste in on-campus eateries and educating the UCLA campus about the many linkages between food, waste, water, and climate change.

We hope that through educating the campus about our findings, we can revolutionize mentalities held about food and inspire a conscious behavior of sustainable practices. We want students to know about the water it takes to produce each slice of bread and boiled egg they throw away, about the fossil fuels combusted to level the fields of their organic spring lettuce they’re having second thoughts about.




Stakeholder:  Tracy Dudman, Capitol Programs
Leaders:  Ellen Lomonico, Grace Olson
Members: Thomas Arndt, Taylor Evanko, Erika Kidera 

The Water Team is collaborating with UCLA’s Water Task Force to research, develop, and implement water conservation efforts aimed at helping the university meet the standards set by UC policy and the UCLA Final Water Action Plan. 

We are assessing student attitudes towards specific conservation techniques including drought-tolerant landscaping and artificial turf through surveys, using the information we garner to tailor our efforts in those areas according to student interest. 




Stakeholder:  Rich Mylin, Associate Director Facility and Event Operations, UCLA Recreation
Leaders:  Talia Young, Katie Zeller
Members:  Rachel Chung, Kimberly See-Yan Mak, Peilun Sun

The Zero Waste Pauley Pavilion Team's ultimate goal is to make Pauley Pavilion, UCLA's newly renovated indoor sports arena, a zero-waste facility, ensuring that all waste is either composted, recycled, or re-purposed in some way.

We are conducting waste audits at Dance Marathon to gauge waste disposal habits in order to make appropriate recommendations to UCLA Recreation. We are also formulating a Green Events Guideline, specifying sustainability conditions that must be met in order to rent space owned by UCLA Recreation.