2016 Housing Team - Week 6

Written by Jessie Chen

On Monday, we started our Lunch-and-Learn presentation with UCLA Office of Residential Life’s professional staff and UCLA Housing and Hospitality Services full-time staff members. The presentation occurred in the De Neve Sycamore Room and we received seventeen attendees.  Pamela and I spoke during the presentation to explain what sustainability means, why it is important, and how the Housing Team’s research project relates to sustainability. We really stressed how our project streamlines the purchasing process and how buying our green office supply recommendations was very easy. Our stakeholder, Emma Sorrell, also supplemented our presentation with some information about waste management and UCLA’s recycling program. Additionally, we passed around green office supplies for people to look at. People were really fascinated with some of our green office supplies options. For instance, everyone was surprised to see a refillable dry-erase marker because no one had ever seen anything like it before. We gave each attendee a free B2P pen, which is a refillable pen made of recycled water bottles. The presentation attendees seemed really interested in what we had to say and they asked good questions and gave suggestions about our Green Office Catalog. For instance, one attendee suggested that future Housing Teams could update the Green Office Catalog and put a featured “Green Office Supply of the Month” online. We will continue our Lunch-and Learn presentation with a new set of attendees tomorrow (Friday, May 6, 2016). We are expecting fifteen people to be in attendance.