2016 Hospital Team - Week 6

Module Progress and Expansion of the Sustainability Liaison Program

Member: Kiana Chan            

            The Hospital Team is making great progress on our sustainability module aimed towards spreading awareness about sustainability initiatives to staff members at the hospital. We spent this week editing and fact-checking the module on the WordPress website creator. We wanted to make sure that the information, including text, images, sources, and external links, were accurate and up-to-date. In addition, thanks to the hospital’s Earth Day Fair a couple of weeks ago, we were able to increase participation in the Sustainability Liaison Program from 30 to 42! Our next step is to create a charter, or job-description, for the new members in the liaison program. (The multimedia element for this week’s blog is an example charter from a previous waste management working group at Reagan.) This will allow participants to feel a sense of purpose and responsibility in the role as a Sustainability Liaison in their respective departments.