2016 Team Krieger - Week 9

Hello fellow SAR Teams! I can’t believe the quarter is coming to a close so soon. Team Krieger is very excited and looking forward to hearing all the presentations this Thursday. Although our goals and objectives have changed so much over the past two quarters, I’m still very proud of what we have accomplished and the new waste management system that we have tried to setup at Krieger. The teachers have been so receptive about the changes that I’m certain Moises will continue our team’s missions long after we have gone! I won’t lie, the past two quarter have been challenging, trying to work around regulations and bureaucracy in the daycare industry, but it certainly hasn’t taken away from how much we have learned and achieved. With a new composting system set in place, we hope the diversion rate will increase substantially at Krieger. Hear more about our changes and recommendations at the presentation on Thursday and check out our amazing poster!