2016 Housing Team - Week 9

by Chris Hunter

After the final presentations tonight, nearly all of our work for the quarter is done. Working on this project has been an great experience and we are so proud of what we accomplished.  I also really enjoyed seeing the amazing things all the other teams did! Go SAR!

Since we spent most of the week preparing our poster and practicing for the presentation, there is not too much to report regarding our project.  If possible, we would still like to get in touch with UCLA Purchasing before the end of the year to discuss creating a web portal for sustainable office supplies, or any other ideas they have going forward.  In other news though, awareness of the catalog is spreading across campus, with UCLA Library, Recreation, Law School, and ASUCLA Catering all recently adopting our catalog into their purchasing practices, with more departments hopefully coming soon (including possibly UC Merced and Office of the President)!