2016 Recreation Team - Week

Danna Creager

As the quarter nears a close, our team is working on tying up all of loose ends. Unfortunately, after completing all of the air quality measurements and creating graphs, the graduate student we have been working with told us the carbon dioxide readings were all wrong. The Qtrak machine had been halving all of the readings, which meant we had to fix our data and graphs. This also meant that our previous conclusion that the CO2 levels were not bad enough to recommend researching using plants to decrease levels was not completely accurate for every room. After meeting with SLEAC a few weeks ago, we realized some additions to the protocol that we had not considered before. We worked on our lighting protocol recommendations and came up with several factors to include such as educating and enforcing lighting protocol with all employees and coordinating with UCLA facilities management about late night protocols. Furthermore, our team has compiled all of the pictures and text for our poster for next week’s final presentation.