2016 Team Krieger - Week 7

Written By: Lauren Yang

Week 7 has been a busy one for Team Krieger! First thing Monday morning, we met with Jesse Escobar, the UCLA recycling coordinator.  Having discovered the potential for implementing a compost program at Krieger, we were excited to learn more about the logistics of composting. We were worried that we might have to get a dumpster just for compost to have it picked up by Athens Services, but Jesse clarified that we would be able to get a 96-gallon bin. One major issue that Jesse mentioned was cost. Currently teachers and undergraduate employees transport waste from the classrooms to the dumpsters. However, adding may require the custodial staff the service the extra bins for an extra fee.

Faced with big decisions, we needed to get a better idea of the bins already atKrieger, so we did another walk-through of the center on Wednesday. Since we wanted to add compost bins to the center's nine classrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, we decided to take inventory of all the bins and their locations. While taking photos of the bins, we noticed that adding compost and improving Krieger's waste management may not require much besides re-labeling and rearranging some bins. By next week, we should have a definite plan of the changes we'd like to make!