2016 Team Krieger - Week 2

Week 2 for Team Krieger has involved a lot of brainstorming regarding our next steps for Spring Quarter. The most pressing issue is continuing the progress with our waste audits and implementing a full blown waste program at the Krieger Center. We are off to a great start, complete with funding money and a plan to help make waste diversion a reality at the center. Our next steps involve changing signage and locations of certain waste bins at the center to see if this affects what gets thrown away and in what bin. The meeting with our stakeholder tomorrow will involve touring the grounds again to get a better visual to determine where to place the current bins and where to place the new bin we are in the process of ordering. We are also very excited for the Earth Day fair and can’t wait to transport participants back to their childhood days while teaching them about waste!

Yay for the trashcans of Krieger! (and our awesome stakeholder!)