2016 Hospital Team - Week 5

Happy late Earth Day! The Earth Day fair that took place this past Friday was a success! The hospital team had a table where participants could toss a disk in the hopes of it landing around a water bottle. Some people missed...by alot. Some did manage to land some of the bottles. Each water bottle was labeled with different areas of sustainability such as water and energy and some were just labeled candy because participants got to receive a piece of candy. Depending what bottle they hit, participants received a sustainability fun fact! Even those that got candy learned about the recyclability of foil used to wrap Hershey's kisses! Concerning our project, the team is working hard to update the module with current information since it was created back in 2014. In these short two years, the UCLA Health System has made some improvement in some areas such as selling reusable bags in the cafeteria to reduce plastic use. We have no doubts that they will continue to make efforts toward improving sustainability in the hospitals.