2016 Krieger Team - Week 1

Happy start of spring quarter from Team Krieger!  We are trucking along with our waste audits and are starting to go into phase two of implementing and updating the composting and recycling waste streams.  Our first two baseline audits yielded similar results: apart from the biological waste, most of the waste the Krieger Center produces can be composted.  We will purchase the 3-stream waste bin system very soon and continue auditing waste. 

In the meantime, we are planning for Earth Day!  For our booth we are hoping to invoke feelings of childhood once again all the while increasing awareness of waste sorting, wow!!  We are making a competitive obstacle course similar to that of elementary sports day with prizes at the end.  It starts with getting the participant dizzy with 10 elephant spins (holding your nose with one hand while you stick the other one out, like an elephant trunk, as you spin) to make the course a little bit more difficult.  Up next is hopscotch followed by jump rope, with a finale of throwing waste into the appropriate bin! People who complete this amazing course will get ~amazing prizes~, so come to our booth!