2016 Housing Team - Week 1

by Jessie Chen

Welcome to Spring Quarter 2016! Our team started off the quarter strong because we had all been working on some tasks over Spring Break. For instance, Mochi continued to refine and format our green office supplies catalogue while Bryce drafted an invitation email to our “Lunch and Learn” program. Then, we had our first team meeting on Thursday to discuss issues like Earth Day Fair, our TGIF funding documentation, setting dates to meet with our stakeholder, and preparing our presentations for the staff assembly. In addition, we also talked about contacting the UCLA OfficeMax representative, Trent Larson, to figure out how many samples we can acquire to give out to Lunch and Learn participants, so they can test out environmentally preferred products. There is much more to discuss and prepare in the coming weeks to be ready for our presentation with students and full-time staff.