2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 1

By Markus Min

Everyone on the Biodiversity Team is super excited for our upcoming quarter! Upon returning to our research plots after Spring Break, we discovered that in our absence many opportunistic weeds have begun overgrowing our plots. We spent a morning pulling out many weeds that have taken advantage of the recent rains and measuring our plants, many of which are thriving! Besides continuing our research project and collecting more data, we have lots of fun stuff planned for these next 10 weeks! It promises to be a very busy quarter, as we have planned to do a general census of flora and fauna on Sage Hill, design and create signage for Sage Hill, teach children at the Krieger Day Care Center about the Sage Hill ecosystem and pollinators, apply for the AAAS research competition, and conduct a survey of UCLA students to gauge their knowledge about and opinions on Sage Hill. To make sure all our projects stay on track, all of our members have taken on one of these projects to lead, and with the support of our entire team, we should be able to complete our ambitious tasks!