2016 Housing Team - Week 4

by Chris Hunter

Week 4 has been one of our most eventful weeks yet!  After some fun bonding with the other SAR teams on Friday, we spent the weekend preparing for our presentation to Staff Assembly on Monday.  We had a good turnout of about 30 staff spread over many departments, including several from H&HS and several from the Hospital.  Bonny Bentzin, the new Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer for UCLA spoke first about the university’s current efforts and goals on sustainability.  Then Chris and Mochi spoke more specifically about “green purchasing,” why it’s important, and how staff can use our Green Office Catalog when purchasing for their office.  The audience seemed engaged, and we received some great questions mostly regarding extensions to the catalog.  It was a great way to start of the educational component of our project, and we look forward to giving some more in-depth presentations to H&HS and ResLife in 2 weeks!  The rest of the week we have spent preparing for the Earth Day Fair.  We have 3 tri-fold boards: one with information regarding our research and how to purchase sustainably, and 2 blank boards posing questions about sustainability.  Then using pens, highlighters, and paper from our catalog, students will write or draw an answer to one of the questions and post it on the board.  The reward will be a free pen or highlighter from our catalog!