2016 Team Kreiger - Week 3

Our exciting news of the week is that we are seconds away from ordering our long-awaited set of trash, recycling, and compost bins! After considering how each set from different companies look, we have decided on the set pictured below. This week we will try to meet with the parents of the Kreiger Center to get their input on both the addition of these bins and on greener diapers for their children. Both of these items require extra funding, and we want to gauge how willing they are to participate in this endeavor. We have high hopes! After our bins are secured and in place at the center, we will add additional signage that we have been working on to help clear up what items go in what bin. We will then conduct another audit to see if our bin placement, additional bins, and improved signage have made any sort of difference in what we are seeing being thrown away. The green diaper research continues, and we are attempting to have a set of recommendations for our stakeholder and the parents very soon!