2016 Housing Team - Week 3

by Pamela Lim

 Housing Team is well into the outreach stage of our project! We are presenting our Green Office Catalog for the first time on Monday, April 18th at the Staff Assembly Lunch and Learn. We are also sending out our invitations to Housing and ResLife for our second and third presentations, which will take place on May 2nd and May 6th. Our catalog, which includes our recommendation list as well as suggested sustainable living lifestyle choices, will be available for attendees to browse through during the presentation. It will also be accessible online and distributed as a PDF. With the Earth Day Fair approaching, the Housing Team is also preparing our booth, where students will be able to test sustainable office supplies and make beautiful art! Funding and orders of supplies are on the way, and these will determine how many giveaways we will have available for the fair and the presentations. We are very excited to implement the research we did last quarter and make our work available for others to use.