2016 Hospital Team - Week 3

by Kiana Chan

The Hospital Team has finally begun editing and re-envisioning a new and improved version of the sustainability education module! Today, we went right into action by making big contributions to our project. During this morning’s meeting with our stakeholder, our team and Teresa began to update the home page together. During this afternoon’s meeting with just the Hospital Team members, we went through and edited out unnecessary parts of the module in each section: food, waste, energy, and water. We wanted to make sure that the module would be engaging to the audience and relevant towards sustainable practices at the UCLA Health Centers. As for future plans, we will continue working towards making the module interactive and purposeful. We want to add more relevant images relating the theme of sustainability back to the hospital, we plan on embedding an online quiz for viewers to complete, and we plan on incorporating a link aimed towards spreading awareness about the Sustainability Liaison Program at the hospital so staff members can continue their involvement towards sustainability!