2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 3

By Markus Min

As deadlines to submit abstracts for UCLA Poster Day and the AAAS research competition approach, we have been collecting large quantities of new data on plant growth and invertebrate biodiversity so that we will be able to present our findings at these two events. After placing pitfall traps last week, we went through our samples this past Monday and painstakingly counted out the various specimens we had caught. We had to go through the samples from each of our plots, and to combat the awful smell emanating from the dead invertebrates, some of us (like Michelle, pictured) resorted to shoving tissues up our noses. We also analyzed much of our data on soil measurements and plant growth to find trends using statistical analysis and began drawing conclusions from our data. As Earth Week is coming up next week, we are also finalizing the survey we plan to conduct at the Earth Day Fair and are working on creating a virtual reality tour for Sage Hill that will help raise awareness and interest about Sage Hill.