2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 9

By Hanan Abels-Sullivan

We’re close to winding up the first phase of our project. We just got the results of our soil samples back and we can finally map the levels of carbon and nitrogen concentration and their effects on the plants. We’re also starting to explore what next quarter’s going to be like. We’re collaborating with the Daycare Researchers, connecting with the community, and trying to learn more about the biodiversity of sage hill. We’re also working on making our campus hospitable to bees by planting more native flowers and involving the student body in conservation. We’ve put up protective guides around our plots to protect the plants from being trampled.  They’re doing well and are bouncing back after struggling a bit in their new habitat.

Biodiversity playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1245751753/playlist/4eCYHLfZI0pCYduPXgHElC