2016 Housing Team - Finals Week

GRAND NEWS. Our application to the Green Initiative Fund has been approved! That gives us great momentum into the phrase of our project in Spring Quarter. Looking ahead to Spring Quarter, the Housing Team is exploring many avenues for our table at the Earth Day Fair. As previously mentioned by Chris, some ideas include a wheel with different green office supplies that participants for a reward, a trivia game about the ecological footprint of different commonly bought products, or a photo booth. Our project is primarily focused on the internal workings of the Hill and Housing Staff, thus our interaction with students is essentially zero. The fair is a manner in which the team is able to reach UCLA students. Our main goal for the fair is to educate students on the various office/school supplies available for purchase, provide free sample to students, and encourage students to actively seek out such products for themselves. Sustainable purchasing is one of the few environmentally conscious actions that people can actively participate in and control, but overall very little knowledge is shared among the general population. We hope to change that from our table at the Earth Day Fair.