2016 Recreation Team - Finals Week

For Earth Day, we wanted to offer up a product that related to Recreation in some way but still would be appealing to the product. Since our project thus far has dealt with air quality, our team found it difficult brainstorming an idea that could connect UCLA students with our projects. After days of not being able to think of a creative idea, we decided to lean away from air quality and go towards the idea of Recreation in general. An initial idea was investing in reusable water bags that can be bought in bulk. However, if any of you have used these bags or know what we are talking about, you understand our worry about the product’s life cycle. The bags typically rip easily and would not be very cost efficient. Liz, one of our student directors, suggested a sweat or rally towel with ART’s new name and/or logo. When we looked into this, we found an even more relevant idea: reusable water bottles.

Reusable water bottles relate to several ideas relevant to our project. First of all, it relates to our primary location of study, the Wooden Center. Reusable water bottles are always relevant when discussing working out. Second, it relates to our potential second quarter focus of waste reduction. Third, it relates to sustainability overall by discouraging the use of regular plastic water bottles. The Recreation team will order 150 water bottles with either the new logo, the new name, or something related to UCLA. At the fair, we will offer an opportunity for students to receive a free water bottle by participating in a survey. The survey will be a continuation of the air quality audit we are in the process of analyzing. In it, we will ask what rooms students utilize in the Wooden Center and what their opinions are on the air quality in said rooms. This way, we will provide information to students on the importance of indoor air quality as well as continue to collect data on air quality in the John Wooden Center.