2016 Team Krieger - Finals Week

Thoroughly invigorated by the progress in our research this last quarter, Team Krieger is excited to share our project with the larger UCLA community at the Earth Day Fair! Since we have concentrated most on our project’s waste management component, we plan to create an engaging activity focused on sorting waste. In addition, inspired by hula hoops and jump ropes, we wanted our activity to harken back to old childhood memories.

Therefore, to connect our activity to our project theme -- child care, we plan to mimic a mini obstacle course, like the ones they had at sports days in primary school. For example, one would first be required to jump rope five times and hula hoop five times. Then, they would pick up three objects representing trash, compostables, and recyclables (e.g. chips bags, fake apple cores, milk cartons). They would then sort these objects by utilizing their basketball skills and tossing them into the appropriately labeled/colored bins. In order to encourage excitement about our waste management activity, two or three people would be able to compete against each other. We think it would also be a good idea to have our visitors wear hazmat suits while completing the course. We believe this would attract visitors since they’d look super cool and awesome and swagtastic (refer to photo below). Lastly, this would be a low cost project as our team members already have many of the needed materials.

Closing thoughts: We’ve had a rewarding experience through our ART this quarter and look forward to continuing our research in the spring. May we succeed in making UCLA more sustainable!