2016 Resilience Team - Finals Week

The Resilience Team’s Earth Day Proposal is an interactive activity for students that illustrates the varying impacts of climate change years into the future in many different parts of the world, and hence communicates the importance of resilience planning. At our booth, we’ll have a wheel that will display ten cities of varying geographical distribution, population, and economic standing. Participants will spin the wheel, and subsequently land upon one of these regions. Each city will have two options for future scenarios, either 2040 or 2100. Based on these factors, we’ll give the participant a short description of the outlook for that region as it relates to resilience. We’ll talk about the effects of climate change, frequency and potency of natural disasters, and how current local infrastructure and public programs are preparing the respective regions for these outcomes. Lastly, we’ll have prizes to give out to people who stumble upon favorable situations (i.e. developed countries that won’t experience the brunt of climate change effects). Resilience can be a difficult and mundane concept to introduce to people, especially in a fast-paced environment with many booths vying for attention. We feel that our proposal is short, interactive, to-the-point, and would make for a can’t-miss stop at the Earth Day Fair.