2016 Green Buildings - Finals Week

Home stretch, everyone! This week, we’re going to lighten up the mood by talking about our plans for the Earth Day Fair to come in April (someplace in a future where we’ve all somehow pulled through finals). Our team has already done some brainstorming on conducting outreach and student engagement for our table at the fair, and we’re so excited for them to be realized next month!

One thing we’ve learned over the quarter is that our team is extremely creative, in very different ways—so, our approach to spreading word about our space use project is going to be very multifaceted. We have a couple of artists, so creating some artworks will be a huge part of our display. One of our ideas is to construct a sculpture of a tree that is made up of modular (sectioned) parts, which can be rearranged to form different tree images. This piece will embody the idea that spaces filled with modular furnishings have much more possibilities for inhabitation. Another idea is to set up a photo station, where we will set up a backdrop that depicts our envisioned space of meditation and gardening elements. This will allow students to have a feel for what our proposed space will be like, as well as serve as a fun way to get the word out about our project (gonna take over all the snap stories!!). We will also be including some more practical things such as a prototype of our space accessibility website, which students can test out.

Throughout all of our components, we will be wholeheartedly welcoming people to give feedback, ask questions, and just generally engage in conversation about how space use can be sustainable. Please join us in April to see more!