2016 Biodiversity Team - Finals Week

Our plans for Earth Day are to create as interactive an exhibit as possible, in order to familiarize UCLA students with what Sage Hill is, and get their feedback on how they would like to see the area used in the future. We will introduce Sage Hill using some of our new signage to showcase what kinds of plants live on the Hill, have materials and fun facts ready about California native plants, have soil samples and potted plants available for hands-on experience of native flora and varying degrees of soil health, and have a virtual reality tour of Sage Hill, using a headset that an iPhone can be mounted into. This tour will include video footage taken on the Hill, and give students a better idea of what the site actually looks like. After students have engaged with this material, we will give out customized Sage Hill/Biodiversity buttons and have them fill out a short survey for students to fill out on an iPad.