2016 Hospital Team - Finals Week

For this year’s Earth Day Fair, the 2016 Hospital Sustainability Team will make an interactive booth based on the module we are updating for the UCLA Health System Sustainability website. At our table, participants will be able to see a module demonstration in hopes that they will gain valuable sustainability information in the UCLA Health System. The module will have updated information about different areas of sustainability such as food, waste, and water.

After participants look through the module, we would like for them to take a sustainability quiz that we would ideally have at the end of the module once it is actually implemented in the UCLA Health System Sustainability website. The quiz will ideally have about three to five questions based on sustainability practiced by the UCLA Health System. The questions will be on broad concepts as opposed to small details that may be easy to miss going through the module for a short time. Upon completion of the sustainability quiz, participants will receive a small prize based on the number of questions they get correct. The small prize may range from a button or sticker of the with the “UCLA Health Sustainability” logo. This small prize will serve as a reminder that sustainability “begins with U.”