2016 Resilience Team - Week 10

by Kathleen Knight

The Resilience Team has been hard at work this week on our midterm presentation and write up. We haven’t done much in terms of conducting new research or further pursuing our water cistern project, but instead focused on summing up our research, although we are trying to get in contact with a couple of other universities to talk about the progress they’ve made in their resilience planning. We’ve really enjoyed this past quarter of getting to work together in our action research team, and we’re excited to continue to conduct research and try to establish a tangible resilience project during spring quarter. From starting this quarter having no real idea what resilience was, we’ve come a long way in learning about it and discussing what UCLA and other schools have done in terms of resilience planning. Next quarter, we are excited to assemble a task force of individuals from various departments to further open up the conversation about resilience at UCLA, and to begin to take the next steps toward developing concrete resilience plans which will continue to benefit the campus in the future.