2016 'Team Krieger' - Week 10

Hello everyone, and happy Week 10! Last week provided an incredibly fun and educational experience for Team Krieger! (Yes, we have decided to change our name from the Daycare Team to Team Krieger because the Krieger Center is technically a childcare center). Anyway, despite a few scheduling conflicts last Friday, we managed to get out into Jesse’s new waste yard and dig through some trash generated by the facility. Upon entering the waste yard, we were provided with (free) gloves, industrial glasses, and of course our glamorous full protective suits (Picture attached for your benefit). For a while, I was under the impression that we were Team Marshmallow, until our suits got somewhat splattered by that day’s food content. After separating the trash by landfill waste, compostable and recyclables, we were shocked to find out that only 20 % of the trash actually needed to be thrown away, while the other 80 % could have been composted or recycled.

The team has lots to discuss with these results, and can’t wait to implement composting initiatives at the Krieger Center. Best of luck with finals everyone!