2016 Hospital Team - Week 5

This week, we once again Hospital Team up with Theresa at Ronald Reagan. It’s about that time we need to solidify a plan that our team will be working on for the next two quarters, and that is exactly what we discussed at our meeting. Theresa has had experience being the stakeholder of past A.R.T teams, so she pretty much knows what can and cannot be done by students in 2 quarters. Upon our discussion, we pretty much just fire blasted all the ideas our group came up with at our own group weekly meetings. She was very open to all of our ideas as well as very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the hospital and the limitations it poses.  Her top recommendation was that we take on a project that assess the cafeteria food served at Ronald Reagan. There is already an extensive composting system already in the works, so one option that we can do is finding the origins of the food being served at the cafeteria and making this information available on their not installed yet digital menu. We are now in the current process of getting in touch with a guy named Guy and Nicole in the food services department. I hope they are as awesome as Theresa! :)