2016 Resilience Team - Week 5

This week was a big one for the Resilience Team! We've decided to apply for the TGIF grant to fund our resilience project. As we've been doing research on resilience planning in cities and campuses in the US, we've also decided to pursue a tangible project. We're interested in installing a rain water recollection system on top of Boelter Hall, and we're in the process of writing our proposal for such a system to incorporate collection of water from previously installed roof drainage systems, a below ground cistern, and a pump-powered irrigation distribution system.  After meeting with Professor Kendall-- who teaches a water management upper division course-- he was able to point out the necessity for such a system, as from his office window we could see a huge pool of water which had collected on the building inside the Boelter Hall/Math and Sciences Building center courtyard (pictured below). We hope to use the collected water for UCLA campus irrigation programs, thereby incorporating sustainability through the use of recycled water, and resilience through the collection and storage of water. We really think that this project has the potential to help us both in our resilience research efforts, and in encouraging UCLA to focus on tangible campus resilience planning.