2016 Housing Team - Week 5

This week was huge in terms of the Housing Team's project goals! Previously, we had been bouncing around ideas about defining the scope of our project - we were not yet sure what we wanted to do or what aspects of procurement we could improve on. We decided during our team meeting that we will use the OfficeMax Green Office catalog to put together a set of purchasing recommendations and present them to the Housing staff. These recommendations will be incorporated into an educational component in Spring Quarter, through which we hope to make sustainable purchasing easy and efficient. Solidifying our goals also helped a lot in filling out the timeline on our team contract. And in terms of working together as a team, we feel confident that we can cooperate and have a great year! We were also very excited to see the first few responses to our survey. So far, these responses have provided us with a wealth of information about Housing's purchasing patterns. This data will help us make decisions about making our purchasing recommendations. On top of the survey, we hope to get additional purchasing data from Nurit Katz, and our stakeholder Emma Sorrell is reaching out to the UC Office of the President for more information. We are also in contact with Lin King, who is in charge of UC Berkeley's purchasing portal. Our next short-term goal is to start going through the catalog, but we are all looking forward to collecting the rest of our data so we can move forward with the recommendations!