2016 Housing Team - Week 8

By Bryce Lee

With the results from the survey in hand, this week was all about selecting the specific products for our recommendation list. At our weekly team meeting, we began sorting through the OfficeMax catalog (which is used for the vast majority of office supply purchasing in the UC System) and determined the most environmentally preferable product option for each type of office supply our survey participants said they frequently purchased. We selected which products were the most environmentally preferable by looking into their recycled content, waste generation, third party certifications, and other metrics. Thus far our recommendation list includes around 20 products, and we plan to expand it to include as many categories as we have time to analyze. We are also working on scheduling a conference call with Jennifer Jimenez, the OfficeMax rep for the UC System, and Trent Larson, the Office Max rep for UCLA, to learn more about the purchasing system and to inquire about the educational component of our project planned for the spring. We seem to be on the right track, and we are eager to see what the last few weeks of this quarter have in store for us!