2016 Daycare Team - Week 7

The daycare team has been taking some exciting steps this week to implement an intensive waste audit of the center. We met with our stakeholder as well as the head of recycling at UCLAs Facility Management this week. Both had some great insight into how to actually conduct a waste audit, what it would entail, how that would help our project. Our goal is to identify where the Krieger center can reduce their waste by analyzing the impact both before and after the installation of recycling, compost, and trash bins. We plan on beginning the waste collection and categorizing next week, and continuing it throughout the end of this quarter. After Spring quarter resumes, we will change the current recycling process to add more bins, include more signage, or change location of existing bins. Our plan to reduce waste and provide some education about the difference between recycling, composting, and disposing of general waste is really taking form!