2016 Housing Team - Week 6

By Mochi Li

Our main focus for this week was our conference call with Lin King, UC Berkeley's Campus Recycling Zero Waste Manager. Lin King is the head of a UC Berkeley’s sustainable procurement initiatives aimed at reducing waste and increasing environmentally preferred product expenditures. With a partnership with UC Berkeley Procurement and OfficeMax, the Zero Waste Research Center were able to create a simplified list of environmentally-preferred products offered in the Bear Buy purchasing system. The list which includes commonly used office supplies such as pen and whiteboard markers, provides sustainable alternatives to conventional products. With assistance from our stakeholder, Emma, the team was able to draft a series of questions in preparation with our call with Lin. From our conversation with Lin, we learned that we were doing a project that was further expanding what they were doing. Their list of environmentally products is rather short and simple with primary focus on the most commonly used office supplies. Their primary focus was educational outreach on the green office supplies and they do so with “roadshows.” Roadshows consists of vendors going to various offices/buildings in Berkeley and educating staff on the sustainable office supplies and giving away free samples. Lin offered great insight in the scope and direction of our project and we hope this is just the beginning with a great partnership between our two great institutions.