2016 Daycare Team - Week 6

his week has been filled with more brainstorming about how we can actually implement changes in cleaning products, diaper and wipe waste, and recycling. We are prepared with many questions for our stakeholder in tomorrow’s meeting, including obtaining diaper / wipe invoices, a list of cleaning supplies already being utilized, and the daycare’s current budget. We are very excited to begin creating a recycling program for the center which includes a hands-on component for the children. Any interaction we get with them and their cuteness is priceless! This week we have also begun calling other sustainable child care centers in the U.S. to get ideas on what does and does not work in the implementation. Our next steps include carrying out a waste audit and conducting parent surveys to gauge their interest in switching over to more sustainable practices. We are ready to put our thought-out plans into action and sustain a bum!