2016 Housing Team- Week 4

Just like with any class at UCLA, 4th Week means it’s time to get focused and really begin digging into the hard work of the quarter.  We got our week off to a great start at the ART Retreat, where we bonded as a team and gained valuable perspective on the ART program as a whole and what it will take to reach our goals as a team.  Although we are still grappling with some larger questions such as what the ultimate scope of our project will be, we have nevertheless been grinding away at our more immediate and concrete goals.  Last week, for example, we drafted a survey intended to evaluate the current attitudes and practices regarding sustainable procurement on the Hill.  After receiving some extremely valuable feedback on our survey from Allison Kanny, who helps students create effective surveys, we made the finishing touches and sent it to our stakeholder, Emma Sorrell, to distribute to each department across the Hill in the coming days.  We hope to receive all the results of the survey in about two weeks (by the end of 6th Week), at which point we will have much clearer idea of where we can make the largest impact on sustainable purchasing and narrow down our goal.  In the meantime, we are analyzing a past case study for our Lit Review titled “Developing priorities for greener state government purchasing: a California case study.” This will provide us with a guide on which to base our research and analysis of the current purchasing guidelines and practices.  Although having such a wide array of research possibilities ahead of us can be daunting, it is also exciting to know that there are so many different ways that we can improve life on the Hill!