2016 Daycare Team- Week 4

The Daycare Team was busy researching for our literature review this week!  We are still narrowing down on our project's focus and are currently debating between green products, recycling, and water conservation.  Last Friday Moises gave us a tour of the Krieger Center and we were able to take a peek at both the classrooms and facilities!  Classes are divided by age group and are named after different animals including: pandas, ducks, lambs, koalas, and eagles.  We got to look at the tiny sinks, tiny toilets, and other tiny furniture as we were reminded of how tiny people live.  Two very energetic children showed us how they played with the water tables that the Krieger Center recently installed with the purpose of teaching children how water channels and dams work.  Moises also pointed out various arts and crafts the children constructed using recycled materials, and their composting project started in a repurposed fish tank.  The daycare is very interested in piloting environmental and sustainable programs and we are excited to contribute to their vision!