2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 4


After much brainstorming and many meetings with our stakeholder, Tom Gillespie, as well as a meeting with Tom Huggins, the director of the UCLA Herbarium, our team was able to nail down our research methodology and create a plan for moving forward. We have decided to plant different combinations of native species in plots on Sage Hill and then measure how these native plants impact different aspects of soil quality, such as soil water, nitrogen, and carbon content, as well as invertebrate biodiversity. With these results, we hope to make recommendations on the best plants for improving ecosystem health in order to help with the restoration of Sage Hill going forward. We have decided to begin planting next week on Sage Hill so that we may begin collecting data as soon as possible and our intrepid leaders Nathaniel and Michelle are planning on making a trip to California native plant nurseries in near future to get the plants we need. We look forward to moving on to the main phase of our experiment in the coming weeks!