2016 Daycare Team

by Daycare Team

Last Friday, our team ventured up to the Krieger Center to meet with our stakeholder Moises Roman and Professor Andrea Goldman, head parent of the daycare’s Parent Staff Association. After entering the very modern, but kid-friendly daycare facility, we learned that the center follows a progressive STEM-based curriculum called “Pathways to Science”. Because of the center’s science-based approach to child development, it has received a grant from Boeing to focus on improving conservation at the daycare.

With 165 students ranging from infants to preschoolers, the child care center understandably experiences high volumes of diaper waste as well as high water and energy usage. In addition to these main concerns, we discussed various other areas of sustainability the daycare wanted to improve, including recycling, implementing organic foods, and reducing waste in general. A key point Moises reiterated was that any improvements we propose must be respectful of the children who are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Thus, staying true to their science-based approach, the center would make any changes a learning experience by getting the children involved in the “greening” process.

Regrouping as a team, we have decided to focus on the main parent interests: combatting diaper waste with green products and implementing organic food into meals. We also plan to obtain more recycling bins for the center. With a new path to be paved, we are thoroughly enthused to move forward with this project!!