2016 Resilience Team

by Resilience Team (sources CBS news) / Written by George Yang

The idea of resilience gained widespread attention in 2013 when Rockefeller Foundation launched “100 Resilient Cities” (100RC) program. Since then, mayors and NGO’s have come together and started conversations to address the vulnerability of cities to natural disasters as well as other extraordinary events. As a large community itself, UCLA faces similar challenges (i.e. the flood on campus last summer) and needs resilience planning to better cope with those shocks. More than just emergency response protocols, the resilience plan also features a balance between resilience and sustainability (diesel generators are widely used for backup power). Our team is excited to explore more about this cutting-edge topic and we will talk more about the scope of our project in the coming weeks.

P.S. you can find more info about city resilience on www.100resilientcities.org