2016 Daycare Team

by Daycare Team

Everyone is so excited to get started on this project for the next two quarters! Although we are nervous about diving head first into a new area of sustainability at UCLA, we are hoping that it will motivate us to come up with innovative and creative approaches to improving sustainability at the Krieger Center. For those of you who don’t know, the Krieger Center is located next to Sage Hill (another cool place you should go to if you haven’t already) and currently has nine classrooms with 165 students. Our team met this week to brainstorm some ideas about potential projects and research areas. Because there are so many directions that our project can take, we will have to wait until tomorrow when we meet our stakeholder, Moises Roman, to narrow the scope of the project and also hear his thoughts and ideas. However, one thing is for sure…whatever our project evolves into, our team sincerely hope it involves interacting with the kids at the center! Can’t wait to hear how other teams have been getting along!