From Research to Recommendations

By Madeline Berger- Recreation

As we come to the end of week six, our team has been finishing up the last steps of our research and are gearing up to put together the final report.

While we did not have enough time to implement changes to Wooden's lighting protocol and treadmill room followed by a second round of surveys, we did have a chance to collaborate with the Grand Challenges who conducted a similar project. Through observation and surveys the Grand Challenges team determined what factors might be preventing Eco-mill use. Using their data, they decided to re-organize the placement of the Eco-mills as well as holding a campaign week to encourage use. Their data, along with our own findings from our surveys, suggest that we can increase Ecomill use at Wooden and potentially add more in place of traditional, electrically powered treadmills.

We also met with lighting vendors Jennifer and Glinda  to determine what changes we can make to save energy and improve lighting in Wooden. While we are considering LED's in some areas, the most likely change will be retrofitting the lights in Pardee. The lights in that room are high wattage, in addition to having a strong, unpleasant glare.  Once we receive estimates from Glinda we will be able to figure out the most cost-effective and efficient options. 

Our last component is to analyze the impact of the three new air handlers installed in Wooden. There are currently three new, higher efficiency  air handlers running and three older air handlers - if we can determine that the new air handlers are cost effective, we will recommend to replace the old ones with the greener models. We hope to obtain the utility bill from this month within the next week so we can conduct this analysis. 

Overall it has been really exciting to have the chance to collaborate with so many knowledgeable individuals and have such a multi-faceted project. We learn something new everyday from the people we get to meet and cannot wait to impart their knowledge to the rest of ESLP in our final report.