Spring Break is OVER!

By Xiaoya Qui- Green Labs

Welcome back to another exciting quarter with Action Research Teams; we are the Green Labs Team! After finishing up with all of our waste audits at eight different labs in the Biomedical Science Research Building, we are ready to dive into exciting new tasks.

First off, since we have tried our best efforts to reach out to research labs that might have the interest to improve laboratory sustainability, we were contacted by one lab at the Rehab Center on Gayley Avenue, located on the peripheral areas of the UCLA campus. After a visit to the lab, we understood that the size of the lab was not large enough for a comparable waste audit and the data that could be collected might not be used to draw significant conclusions. As a result, the group decided to follow-up with the request of the lab to improve recycling in the lab without performing the recycling implementation program experiment to the lab.

Second, we scheduled a meeting with Jesse Escobar, the recycling manager at UCLA , in order to request and secure the recycling bins that we would like to position in each individual labs. Through the discussion, we raised a few questions about the waste streams from the moment that some trash has dropped down to the trash's final destination--a recycling facility.  In these scenarios, janitors of the building play a major role in facilitating  proper recycling.  As a result, we will prepare a list of formatted and professional interview questions to ask the janitors about their knowledge on the topic. These questions  will be reviewed by Jesse to correct any inappropriate questions and unprofessional behaviors.

Lastly, we are preparing for the Earth's Day fair to act like a dead body. Aside from that, we are trying our best to increase the awareness on campus about recycling in general. Therefore, we have been contacting the lab managers of the labs that already conducted research with us to talk to the staff and students working there to get concrete ideas of the reality.

We will meet our stakeholder Klara tomorrow. We will resolve the issue of whether to have a control group or not for the experiment.