Back on Track

By Angela Mi Hoe Kim- Energy

The energy team is back to work this quarter continuing both our energy audit and our solar charger projects. With complications last quarter, the bulk of our project will be completed in the coming weeks. We plan on collecting and analyzing our data this quarter. Our team had our first meeting last Friday and we are all on the same page in terms of the timeline for the rest of the school year. 

In terms of the energy audits, we were finally able to start collecting some baseline data. We put up three advanced sensors this week in the Physics and Astronomy Building: two in the bathrooms and one in the studying room. Two of the sensors lent to us by Edison are with the technical support in the facilities building and hopefully they’ll be able to tell us how to fix them. We will put the other three Edison sensors up tomorrow and start collecting data from those soon. In the coming weeks, we will collect the data from the sensors and implement changes such as placing energy saving stickers next to light switches and working with the custodial staff to ask them to turn lights off when they finish cleaning a room at night. 

We are also finishing the final preparation work for the solar charger project. Our team members have completed the order form and have emailed the company ordering the chargers. Now we just have to wait until the company, based in China, replies to us. In terms of the survey, we have met with the survey master Patty and will finalize the general survey by next week. However, this part of our project has been moving slow as our two team members involved in this aspect are sick. 

We have had many technical and communication difficulties last quarter and dealing with them has prepared us to face the challenges that may come this quarter. We are still confident that we can accomplish our original goals with a bit more work and enthusiasm!