Wrapping Up

By Annie Cheng 

Nothing brings home the fact that project is coming to a close as the final report: each of the members of Team Energy finished up their assigned portions of the final report this weekend. Still, at least to me, there still seem to be loose ends left. So many things did not go as planned—first our posters were taken down from the walls of the Mathematical Sciences building before the end of our Take the Stairs campaign, and then we found out that the kilowatt-hour meters had also been removed before the end of the campaign period. Finally, when we compiled our collected data, we found out that there was no significant change in decreased elevator usage and increased stair usage. The decrease in stairs usage only amounted to a decrease of about one group of people a day (the occupancy sensors count only once for each group of people who enter the stairwell together). While this is reassuring evidence that our campaign probably had some type of impact, it also shows that there were clear flaws in our campaign, in addition to factors we had little control over.

Despite the obstacles we ran into, or perhaps because of them, these two quarters have given me some very valuable real world experience and allowed me to meet and bond with my amazing team members. Even though we had some rough times with our main project, we were quite successful at Ecochella and the Earth Day Fair, events at which we had much more control over. I’m so excited to wrap up this year with our final presentation this coming Monday, and to see what other teams have done!