Looking back over a year at Pauley Pavilion

By Kimberly Mak

Summer vacation is almost here, but before the Pauley ART Team can chill on the beach or go on spontaneous adventures, we must wrap up our final projects.

We started our project with a behavioral audit at the UCLA vs. Colorado basketball game, where we concluded that Pauley Pavilion lacked compost bins and effective signage. We designed our own signs and tested them at Dance Marathon. From the basketball game and Dance Marathon, we noticed that many people did not know how to sort their trash so we educated people on this at the Earth Day Fair. The Pauley ART team partnered with the Recycling ART team to put on a sorting game.

We used TGIF funds to buy new bins for Pauley because we don’t have compost bins, the current bins are clunky, and they do not have room for our signs. The new ones can be arranged into islands and have custom-made signs to educate patrons about sorting. The three types of bins comprising each island are compost, recycling, and landfill. To wrap up this bin/signage project, we will collaborate with the bin company to prepare signs that can fit on the new bins.

Our last project is the Green Events Guideline for UCLA Recreation. So far, we have composed a general outline of the guide. Some of the components were inspired by the LEED system, such as the point-value system and the different levels of certification. The guide will be a checklist and each criterion will have different points associated with it. If a group wants to use UCLA Recreation space, they will need to amass a certain amount of points on the checklist. If a group goes beyond the bare minimum and makes it up to a higher certification level, they will receive an incentive, yet to be determined. We will make some final tweaks to the point values of each criterion and decide what the incentives at the higher certification levels will be.

We have accomplished a lot this year, but one issue that we did not resolve (and that should therefore be pursued next year) is to change certain items sold at Pauley concessions. A big step toward zero waste would be to only sell concession products that have recyclable or compostable packing. Our team really wanted this to happen, but unfortunately change can be extremely slow at times. We look forward to seeing the results of our projects and what the next ART team accomplishes in the upcoming year!