Closing Out

By David Mun     

In the flurry of the end of the year, the Hospital Sustainability Team is finally closing out its projects and reflecting on what accomplishments we have made, as well as our failures. We are fairly proud of our projects, especially of our education module, and hope that we have done the ESLP program justice. Especially with our team made up of three seniors who will be graduating in two weeks, we hope we made some sort of an impact in the grand scheme of UCLA.           

In terms of our waste audit, we made the last rounds of collections last week and had the opportunity to analyze the data we so diligently collected for 24 days. In our analysis, we decided to use the Wilcoxon-Rank Sum test intended for non-parametric data, and found that the findings were insignificant. For the receptacles in both the men’s and unisex bathrooms, there was no significance between the amount of paper towel waste before the implementation of “These Come From Trees” stickers, and afterwards. Collection times were too variable, and we did not have a controlled environment to conduct the research. Also, our sample size was much too small. A large sample size with a controlled environment for the collection would be the most optimal for an experiment such as this, and should be kept in mind for future hospital sustainability teams.

In addition to the waste audit closing out, we also wanted to extract the data for the occupancy sensor we installed and examine the data.  The sensor was taken down and sent to Sayros Yadgar, Energy Engineer at UCLA.  Unfortunately, there were some problems with the sensor, and data was not collected at all for the two weeks it was installed. This was a large blow to the morale of the team, and did not help alleviate the stress from the chaos of the end of the quarter, and year. 

Even with this news, we decided to stay strong and stand proud of what was accomplished. With the final report and final presentation left, we are confident that we can close out strong and help uphold the good reputation the ESLP program.