Time to Say Goodbye

By Katie Luong

Hello Everyone! The Energy Team has finally reached the finish line. This past week, our leaders, Amy Tat and Natalie Shahbol, gave a presentation on all that we’ve accomplished the past two quarters: our “Take the Stairs Campaign,” Ecochella, and the Earth Day Fair. Our team feels that we have made a great effort to promote a culture of stair-taking at UCLA. It's been a rewarding experience for all of us.

We got to learn how to work as a team and grow together these past two quarters. The main obstacle our team encountered was time. Trying to collect as much data as we could restricted us from making a conclusion on whether our campaign was effective after all. Even though we did not get the results we desired, we learned how much of an impact we could make by helping students view stair-taking in a positive light. We believe that we have made a difference on campus because of our outreach to the student body about energy efficiency. We hope that future energy teams will continue on with our projects; it would save money for UCLA and also promote healthier lifestyles.