Settling into Our Routine

By Kyle Hess

With a quite successful Week Four behind us, we are right in the thick of the quarter, but also right where we want to be. No matter the quarter, Week Five always brings about the onset of midterms, papers, projects and more to be attended to. With this week coming to its close, I have realized that it is the one that feels most routine. Meeting times are finally set, I know where all of my classes are (and the quickest way to get from one to the next), and we are no longer climbing the uphill slope nor beginning the downward spiral towards summer. There are no events to put on, education modules to write or edit, sensors to be installed. And that might lead to the presumption that our team has decided to sit back relax, focus on school and simply enjoy the hot, sunny weather.

On the contrary, we have taken advantage of the fact that we have a bit of time and energy to continue our consistent collection of data for our waste audit, examine our progress, and even prepare for the remainder of the quarter. We now have an entire week’s worth of data for our waste audit, and are continuing to count the number of used paper towels, while also accounting for their weight. The new scale has also proved far more accurate. Our work at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center Earth Day Fair yielded great results with respect to our education module. We are continuing to work with our stakeholder, Teresa, and are currently awaiting her feedback on our education module, which we will use to fine-tune it. And the sensor that was installed upside down (oops!) is finally being taken care of and will now be able to yield data.

Although, as it has quite frequently seemed that we are always running into obstacles, we have finally resolved whatever issues remained. We are now able to settle into our routine of weekly meetings and data collection, and have even had the time to start consolidating our work and accomplishments. We are reflecting on what has and has not worked, in order to be prepared for the hectic end of the quarter.