Wrapping up the quarter, wrapping up the project

By Peilun Sun

As this quarter comes to an end, the Zero Waste Pauley project is also reaching the final stage. We are finishing up the task at hand, which is to settle on the design for the bins. This week we had a meeting with our stakeholder Rich Mylin, Nurit Katz (the chief sustainability officer at UCLA), and two representatives from ASUCLA catering. We presented the draft of our design of the bin to all present, and everyone seemed to be quite satisfied. During the meeting, we also walked around the building to determine the placement of the bins. Now we just have to meet with a Max-R representative to fully discuss and settle on the design. 

bin designs.jpg

For the detailed green guideline, we will leave it to next year’s Pauley team. We already have the general idea mapped out, so all they need to do is fill in the details. As we are approaching the end of the program, we assigned each member to take care of one part of the final report. We are adding the things that took place after the midterm report was written, and making suggestions and recommendations for next year’s team. We hope that we can end our project properly and pave the way for further research next year.